Free Food: How We Serve Our Toledo Food Pantry Guests

First:  There is Free Food in Toledo


We love and serve our neighbors first as a free food pantry with a hand-out of simple, healthy, affordable food to meet those in need. Then we offer a hand-up for long-term improvement.

Second: We Serve by Providing Free Food in a “Choice Food Pantry”.

Instead of receiving a bag or box of pre-selected food, Guests may select the free food they want.

A volunteer will accompany the guest as they choose the free food they want from our food pantry in order to provide advice or recommendations based on the guest’s needs and preferences.

Third:  Free Food at Community Meals


A free community dinner is offered Wednesday before evening service at the church, and a free breakfast is offered Sunday morning.  On the surface, it’s simply friends sharing a meal. However, if we pass it on, we could help all of our neighbors in need in Toledo, Ohio.

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